Banu Nadir


Banu Nadir (Arabic: بنو النضير various transliterations include Banu Nadeer) was one of the three largest jewish tribes in Madinah at the time of Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ). The other two being Banu Qaynuqa and Banu Quraydhah, each having their own district and fortresses. The chief of Banu Nadir, Huyay ibn Akhtab, was staunch enemy of Islam, the muslims and the father of one of the Prophets (ﷺ) wives Saffiyah bint Huyay.[1]

Plot To Assassinate the Prophet (ﷺ)

During the month of Rabi’ Al-Awwal in the year 4 AH (August 625 CE) Banu Nadir conspired to assassinate the Prophet (ﷺ).[2]


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