Umar’s Prominence in Jahiliyah


Even though Umar ibn Al-Khattab was young he still held a very prominent position in Makkan society. He was strong, and forbearing with a noble heritage. Being wise, eloquent, and well-spoken Umar readily defended all the traditions, acts of worship and systems to which Quraysh was accustomed. His nature was one of sincerity which led him to defend all that he believed into the bitter end. Being a very persuasive individual Umar was often sought out to help resolve tribal disputes.

Ibn Sa’d said: ” ‘Umar used to judge between the Arabs regarding their disputes before Islam.” [1]

His expertise and abilities also qualified Umar to be an ambassador for Quraysh. A position that gave him the authority to speak on behalf of Quraysh before the other tribes.

Ibn al-Jawzi said: “The role of ambassador fell to ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab. If there was a war between Quraysh and another tribe, they would send him as an ambassador, and if another tribe was boasting against them, they would send him to respond in kind, and they were pleased with him.”[2]


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