Battle of Uhud


The Battle of Uhud (Arabic: غزوة أحد‎‎ transli.: Ġazwat ‘Uḥud) was fought on 7th Shawwal 3 AH (Saturday, March 23, 625 CE). [1]

Makkan Army

Abu Sufyan ibn Harb lead an army of three thousand; seven hundred mailed soldeirs, two hundred well-mounted[2] cavalry, three thousand camels, and fifteen women.

The Quraysh made camp on the 6th of Shawwal on the outskirts of Medina with Mount Uhud at their back.

Muslim Army

The Prophet (ﷺ) was supported by 1000 men; a hundred armoured and fifty horsemen.

The army was divided into three battalions;

  1. Al-Muhajireen commanded by Mus’ab ibn Umair Al-Abdari
  2. Al-Ansari-Aws commanded by Usaid ibn Hudair
  3. Al-Ansari-Khazraj commanded by Al-Hubab ibn Al-Mundhir

Ibn Umm Maktum, the blind companion spoken of in Surah Abasa was chosen to lead the prayer in Madinah.


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